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How to give tips in India?

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Tips in India – adding extra sweetness to a great experience

When it comes to tipping in India, things can be confusing due to cultural influences, tourism, and a colonial past. While tipping, or baksheesh, is primarily optional, it’s still a good idea to have some small change on hand to show appreciation for good service. The average tip in India is around 10 percent, but this can vary depending on the quality of service you receive. It’s important to be discreet when tipping, as making a big production of it can attract additional begging. 

Tips at Hotels and Restaurants

At hotels, you should only tip those who provide specific services, such as a porter carrying your bags to your room. Tipping housekeeping is optional, but 10-50 rupees per day is appropriate if you decide to leave a tip. In restaurants, you should always check the bill for a service charge before determining how much to tip. You can adjust your gratuity accordingly if a service charge is already added. Tipping 10 percent is appropriate for standard service, while you can tip up to 15 percent for exceptional service. 

Tips for Transportation

When it comes to transportation, rounding up the fare is a good way to show appreciation for a safe and efficient ride. For single rides, rounding up to the nearest multiple of ten is appropriate, while tipping 50-100 rupees per day is common for longer trips. If you’re taking a tour, it’s customary to tip your guide and driver between 100-200 rupees per day, depending on the quality of service they provide. 

Remember, while tipping is a way to show appreciation for good service, it’s important not to perpetuate the problem of child begging gangs and hierarchies in India. So, be mindful of who you’re tipping and why, and always be discreet. Tipping has to be like a thank you note, acknowledging the efforts and dedication of those who serve you the best.