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Popular scams that foreign tourists travelling to India need to be aware of

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India is a vibrant tapestry of colors, cultures, and traditions. For ages, it has been a sought-after destination for foreign tourists. From the majestic Taj Mahal to the serene backwaters of Kerala, every place has its own story to tell its visitors. The rich history and cultural heritage draw people to visit this fascinating place. However, some scams usually happen with foreign tourists. As a tourist to a new country, familiarise yourself with some of the unwanted scams that can lead to financial losses and the precautions to protect yourself and enjoy a safe holiday time. Let us dig deep into some of the most popular financial scams that might happen to foreign tourists.

  1. The ATM/Card Skimming Scam: a silent thief of financial
    securityThis method is used by criminals to capture sensitive information from unsuspecting individuals using ATM card machines for their transactions. The skimming devices are being installed secretly, providing all the necessary information of the withdrawer, such as card details and PIN. Therefore, as a tourist, you need to use ATMs that are secure and are within bank premises. You can also opt for Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI app, where you can make digital payments and are not required to withdraw money using ATM cards.
  2. The currency exchange scam: a slippery slope towards
    financial lossThe currency exchange scam is a fraudulent practice where scammers may `offer attractive rates but deceive foreign tourists with counterfeit or outdated currency. They can charge exorbitant fees and hidden commissions, which can cost them a pretty penny. The best way to protect yourself from this scam is to exchange currency at authorized banks or recognized exchange counters. You can also check the exchange rate and commission charges in advance. Also, to protect yourself from such an unwanted and superfluous scam, download the Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI that removes your hassle of currency exchange. Just transfer funds
    from your debit or credit card and enjoy trouble-free and seamless moments of shopping and exploration
  3. Overcharging or misrepresentation: a smokescreen of
    inflated pricesMany vendors or service providers deliberately charge inflated prices or misrepresent the actual cost of goods or services to foreign tourists. This usually happens in markets, shops, restaurants, or transportation. Therefore, to avoid this scam, you should always insist on receiving bills for each transaction. You should check in advance the different prices of goods
    and services. Better still is to download the Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI app that makes your shopping and traveling experience hassle-free without getting into the mud of such scams. With this UPI, you will be out of the deceitful web, and no one can snatch away your money.
  4. Deceptive Money Counting: a sneaky trick to play with your moneyMany vendors or service providers intentionally miscount or mishandle money during various transactions. They can either provide incorrect changes or manipulate the counting process. It is always advisable to count the money carefully when you receive it. Also, make yourself familiarized with Indian currency before coming to India. Better still and more desirable would be to download the Cheq(Transcorp) Digital UPI App and go cashless. It is a virtual bridge connecting your cards or bank account to stress-free transactions in India
  5. Fake Charitable Organizations: Tricking kind hearts for
    moneyMany scammers take advantage of tourists by representing them with fake charitable organizations. They ask for donations for various types of causes, which is erroneous and based on fallacious reasoning. So, it is always advisable to donate only to well-known and verified charities. As a new person to India, you should research the charitable organization’s
    credentials and reputation and make donations accordingly. Your best bet is to use Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI, which is a silent companion to all your payment needs. By going cashless, there are chances that you might not fall prey to fraudulent schemes.

Simple steps to stay away from scammers

Download the Cheq (Transcorp) UPI app before you land in India.

1. Download the link from our website. For your convenience, here is the link:

2. Fill in your complete details on the Cheq (Transcorp) UPI App

3. Physical verification will be done for safety purposes when you check
in to your hotel. Our representative will be there to present a
complete guide to you.

4. That’s it. Add money through your International debit or credit card
or via bank transfer, and you are all set to initiate a payment
anywhere you want