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Why will UPI change your travel experience?

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Imagine, as a foreign tourist, you want to explore India, but the arduous tasks of fumbling through wallets, checking and keeping all the crumpled bills, and exchanging currency look like a mug’s game. As a foreign tourist, you want to travel without the weight of cash and look for a system where payments can be made effortlessly. UPI is the Unified Payment Interface that allows a seamless and secure digital payment system for foreign tourists in India. Now, you can easily explore India and say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying large amounts of cash in your pockets. If UPI has enabled Indians to navigate anywhere cashless, we bring you the same hassle-free and action-packed interface through Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI.

Your Silent Companion – Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI Wallet

From convenience to seamless transactions to instant transfer, the Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI wallet enables you to enjoy numerous benefits. As such, Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI becomes your ally, guide, and silent companion. Now, you can make seamless transactions, experience Indian culture and enjoy more than a spectator. 

  • Easy scan and pay at more than 55 million small or large online and offline merchants throughout India.
  • Add money instantly to your Cheq(Transcorp) UPI wallet from your own International Debit or Credit Card or through a bank transfer.
  • Keep a systematic track of all your spending and, therefore, an eye on all your financial records. 
  • Withdraw your money balance easily before you are ready to travel back to your country. 
  • Reduced or no dependency on cash. Consequently, there is no risk of carrying physical cash in hand.
  • Inclusivity to access the wallet when you can’t access Indian banking systems.
  • Make quick and secure payments for your online shopping. 
  • An eco-friendly approach to all your financial transactions. 
  • Complete contactless payments through scanning QR codes and, therefore, a hygiene method in times of health concerns.
  • It is a cost-effective, practical, and worthwhile method requiring no card swiping from your end anywhere in India.

Benefits of Cheq (Transcorp) UPI –Digital Bridge to Seamless Payments

  • 20X more acceptance than International cards in India
  • Go cashless, prepare for cultural immersion, and enjoy unbounded discoveries across India.
  • A transactional tool where you are not required to connect your bank account with your digital wallet.
  • No hidden charges. Competitive and transparent conversion rates with just a small scan or gentle tap of a screen.
  • Your act of paying is akin to Indians. So, experience the country not as spectators but as active participants. 

How to get started?

  1. Download the Cheq (Transcorp) UPI app before you land in India. Download the link from our website. For your convenience, here is the link:
  2. Fill in your complete details on the Cheq (Transcorp) UPI App.
  3. Physical verification will be done for safety purposes when you check in to your hotel. Our representative will be there to present a complete guide to you.
  4. That’s it. Add money through your International debit or credit card or via bank transfer, and you are all set to initiate a payment anywhere you want. 

How to get started?

Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI transforms your transactions with a simple flick like a magic wand. It is an action-packed interface and an invisible hand of financial transactions. You can confidently navigate India’s bustling streets and bazaars as a foreign tourist. Enjoy your hassle-free trip to India, engage in fascinating conversations with the locals, and forge friendships that transcend language barriers. Unlock the power of UPI and pay like an Indian.