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Foreign Nationals on India's Largest Payment Network UPI

Welcoming Foreign Nationals on India’s Largest Payment Network UPI

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Internet commerce has undergone a transformation because of the Universal Payment Interface (UPI). With the use of their cellphones, consumers may rapidly move money between their financial institutions utilizing this real-time payment system. The UPI has experienced tremendous growth within the nation and now wants to expand to include foreign visitors. This measure is expected to simplify and streamline transactions for visitors from abroad, thus boosting the nation’s image as a tourist-friendly country.

First UPI-Enabled Payments Wallet for Foreign Visitors

Cheq(Transcorp), a prominent fintech business, has made history by introducing first UPI-enabled payment wallet created particularly for foreign tourists. This cutting-edge payment method intends to meet the needs of foreign visitors by making it possible for them to conduct smooth transactions while visiting. The introduction of this wallet is an important development for promoting financial inclusion and accessibility for foreign visitors to the country.

Streamlining Transactions for Foreign Visitors

For international visitors to India, the UPI-enabled payments wallet by Cheq(Transcorp) offers a number of advantages. Here’s an additional look into the way it makes transactions simpler for them:

Simple Setup Method

Visitors from all the G20 countries are able to download the Cheq(Transcorp) UPI payment wallet from the app stores and register in a few easy steps. The wallet can be used by travelers from many nations because it is available in many different languages.

Currency conversion that is seamless

The UPI-enabled payment wallet’s capacity to allow real-time currency conversion represents one of its standout features. Foreign visitors can easily convert their national currencies to rupees for purchases by adding money directly from their overseas debit or credit cards to the wallet. By
doing this, there is no need to carry cash or go to exchange offices.

Wide Acceptance

As a result of its integration with the UPI network, the Cheq(Transcorp) UPIwallet is widely accepted by retailers, eateries, and service providers. Foreign visitors no longer need to worry about currency exchange or rely on conventional payment methods because UPI is now accepted at well-known tourist locations, hotels, and even tiny enterprises. Cheq(Transcorp) UPI wallet is accepted at more than 55Mn merchants across India, which is 20X more than leading card networks combined.

Enhanced Security

Cheq(Transcorp) prioritizes transaction security highly. The UPI-enabled payment wallet uses cutting-edge encryption technologies and multi-factor authentication to guarantee that foreign tourists’ financial data is kept secure during their transactions.

Increasing both tourism and economy

The launch of first UPI-enabled payments wallet for visitors from abroad hasthe potential to greatly increase tourism in the nation. welcomes visitors from around the world by offering a simple, digital payment solution, strengthening its image as a forward-thinking nation that welcomes visitors.
UPI’s simplicity and ease of use will probably draw more foreign tourists, boosting tourism industry and economy.


An important turning point has been reached digital payment ecosystem with Cheq’s(Transcorp) introduction of the country’s first UPI-enabled payment wallet for international tourists. Through the use of UPI, this creative approach streamlines transactions for overseas visitors to the nation. The UPI-enabled payment wallet provides foreign visitors with a simple and hassle-free experience due to its simple setup process, quick exchange of currencies, widespread acceptance, increased security, and value-added services. This initiative has the potential to increase tourism, furthering the nation’s economic growth and solidifying its status as a top travel destination for visitors from abroad.