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What are the top 10 things to do in Mumbai?

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Mumbai, commonly known as the “City of Dreams ” is a lively metropolis that brims with vitality and liveliness. With its landmarks, bustling markets and delectable culinary offerings, this city presents a plethora of experiences that truly embody the essence of India’s culture and storied past. Whether you’re a resident or an inquisitive visitor, here are the 10 activities to partake in Mumbai that will undoubtedly mesmerize and enchant you.

  • Gateway of India and Marine Drive: A Peek into History and the Natural Splendor

The Gateway of India is a marvel that symbolizes the historical heritage of Mumbai. It was constructed in honour of King George V’s visit to India. The place offers a view of the Arabian Sea. Next to it lies the Marine Drive often called the “Queens Necklace” because its glittering evening lights resemble a beautiful strand of pearls. Taking a walk, along Marine Drive during sunset, is an experience that truly captures the essence of Mumbai.

  • Elephanta Caves: Journey into ancient mysteries

Just a short ferry ride away from the city of Mumbai, you’ll find the Elephanta Caves. There are remarkable caves, featuring rock-cut temples and sculptures that have a history that dates back to the 5th century. Exploring these carved caves dedicated to Lord Shiva provides an opportunity to delve into India’s vibrant artistic and religious past.

  • Chowpatty Beach and mouth-watering Sreet Food

To truly immerse yourself in Mumbai’s lively street food culture, look no further than Chowpatty Beach. This bustling spot is famous for more than just its stunning sunsets and vibrant ambience; it’s also a haven for indulging in a mouthwatering variety of street food. From the fiery bhelpuri to the satisfyingly crispy pav bhaji, Chowpatty offers a genuine treat for your palate.

  • Experience Dharavi Slum Tour

Although it may appear unusual embarking on a guided tour of Dharavi, which happens to be one of the slums in Asia that offers insights into the diverse economy of Mumbai and the remarkable resilience displayed by its residents. These tours are typically led by guides who provide a perspective on the flourishing industries and vibrant communities thriving within the slum.

  • A short tour of the Bollywood Industry

Experience the magic of Bollywood with a tour that delves into the workings of India’s thriving film industry. Explore film studios, get a sneak peek at the production process and even catch sight of your famous celebrities. This exclusive opportunity offers a look at the captivating world of Indian cinema, where glitz and glamour come to life.

  • A visit to the Haji Ali Dargah

The Haji Ali Dargah is a known shrine located on a small island in the Arabian Sea. It serves as a symbol of Mumbai’s diversity and showcases the city’s inclusive nature. To reach the Dargah, one can take a causeway and  Experience the peaceful ambience it provides for deep spiritual contemplation.

  • Crawford Market and Colaba Causeway

If you love shopping, the city of Mumbai won’t disappoint you. Crawford Market is truly a treasure showcasing its architecture and offering a diverse selection of goods ranging from fresh produce and aromatic spices to unique souvenirs. If you’re seeking a shopping experience, head over to Colaba Causeway, where you’ll be delighted by a fusion of clothing and exquisite handmade crafts.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a retreat tucked away in the midst of the city. It’s an expanse of greenery and diverse wildlife providing a haven for nature lovers. Within the park, you can explore trails that lead you to attractions like the Kanheri Caves. These remarkable rock-cut Buddhist monuments allow you to experience a glimpse of time.

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

CST, previously referred to as Victoria Terminus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that beautifully exemplifies the brilliance of the British colonial period. The harmonious fusion of Gothic and traditional Indian elements renders it a captivating symbol of Mumbai’s historical importance.

  • Nehru Science Centre

If you’re on a family trip, then a trip to the Nehru Science Centre guarantees a learning and entertainment extravaganza. With its captivating displays and fascinating planetarium, the centre offers an enlightening experience that captivates both kids and grown-ups alike.


Mumbai, a city known for its contrasting elements, seamlessly intertwines the past with the present and tradition with innovation. The list of 10 activities mentioned above only scratches the surface of the range of experiences this city offers. From exploring caves to savouring street food and from marvelling at marvels to immersing yourself in the magic of Bollywood Mumbai beckons you to delve into its lively culture and dynamic essence. So, whether you’re an adventurer, a food enthusiast, a history aficionado or simply someone in search of encounters, Mumbai eagerly awaits to mesmerize and captivate you at every corner.