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Which is the safest and most affordable mode of transportation in Goa?

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Are you planning a trip to Goa? Then, choosing the right transportation can help you to experience an enjoyable and safe journey. There are numerous options available, and finding the perfect balance between safety and affordability is mandatory. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the various transportation sitting pretty in Goa and determine the safest and most budget-friendly for you. 

Riding a scooter – paint the town with your tire tracks

Most of us love riding scooters, and some people feel riding a scooter is like dancing through the streets. Riding scooters is the choice of many travellers in Goa. It offers a sense of adventure and flexibility. It has charm, and it is like soaring through the cityscape. The best part is the rental price of a scooter for a day is budget-friendly and cannot exceed your spending plan. It is a cost-effective, time-saving, and penny-pinching option for solo travellers and couples. However, while riding a scooter, it is necessary to wear a helmet, follow local traffic rules, and be extra cautious on the roads and small streets. 

Riding a bicycle –  a journey on a frame of two-wheeled freedom

If you love to care for the environment and stay fit while travelling, consider renting a bicycle in Goa. It’s a peaceful and eco-friendly way to explore the city, especially when riding along the beautiful coastal roads, feeling the cool sea breeze, and stopping whenever you want to take some stunning pictures. However, just like any other mode of transportation, safety is crucial. So, it’s essential to stick to the less crowded routes, put on a helmet, and follow the traffic signals. That way, you can enjoy the entire experience without any worries!

Travel by bus –  explore the city’s sights and sounds

If you want to experience Goa, consider taking one of the state-run buses. They provide an opportunity to witness the life of locals and get a taste of the region. Not are these buses reliable, safe and well-maintained, but they offer an affordable way to immerse yourself in the local culture and explore various attractions. Riding on one of these buses will make you feel like you’re journeying through neighbourhoods and landmarks that hold the city’s history and cultural richness. Additionally, it allows you to interact with individuals who are also exploring this land with a shared destination in mind. So hop on a bus and embark on an adventure that won’t break the bank!

Auto-rickshaws –  explore the city’s secret shortcuts

Have you ever come across auto-rickshaws? They’re commonly referred to as “tuk tuks “. They are an affordable and cost-effective means of transportation in Goa. They can take you to destinations. Due to their compact size, they are ideal for manoeuvring through narrow lanes where larger vehicles might face difficulties. Besides, they are generally perceived as a thrifty mode of transport. However, it’s advisable to discuss the fare with the driver to prevent any surprises during your ride.


Ultimately, it all boils down to what floats your boat in the transportation department and how comfy you feel. Whether you’re about zipping around on a scooter, cruising in a car, or even biking your way through, it’s your call. But hey, here’s the golden nugget: no matter which route you take – literally and figuratively – don’t forget to keep safety as your trusty co-pilot. Pop on those helmets like you’re a stylish astronaut, play by the traffic rulebook like the coolest detective and keep your road senses tingling like a ninja on wheels. Use Cheq UPI to pay for different modes of transportation. As a foreigner, it is a user-friendly UPI platform to pay at more than 55 million small or large online and offline merchants throughout India.