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issues in withdrawing cash from atms

What are the issues in withdrawing cash from ATMs in India using International cards

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When traveling to India, withdrawing cash from an ATM is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips. This can help you with as many funds as you require. However, using International cards in another country sometimes becomes a big trouble and presents many challenges. It can be fishing in unknown waters where the uncertainty of different facts like transaction fees, conversion charges, unfamiliar interfaces and more can pose big problems. Let us read some common issues foreign tourists face while withdrawing money from ATMs.

1. Transaction fees: a leaking faucet taking a small portion of your money

Many foreign tourists face the issue of transaction fees when using International cards at ATMs in India. Banks often charge a foreign transaction fee whenever they withdraw any funds. Again, it depends on the type of bank and the card. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your bank before your trip. Try to understand the complete fee structure and plan your cash withdrawals accordingly. Better still is that you should choose Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI, which offers complete contactless payments by scanning QR codes to InternationalTourists.

2) Limited ATM Availability: Difficult to find when you need them most

While traveling to India, as a foreign tourist, you should explore the remote areas or off-beat path locations. As such, the availability of a reasonable number of functioning ATMs is limited. Practically, carrying a lot of cash in an unknown place is impossible. Therefore, you can either plan to withdraw funds from the ATM in advance or opt for Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI, which offers reduced or no
dependency on cash. It is a cost-effective, practical, and worthwhile method requiring no card swiping from your end anywhere in India.

3) Currency Conversion: all you need is accuracy and fairness

Many foreign tourists struggle with the challenge of currency conversion. While converting your dollars or any other currency into Indian Rupees, you might be charged with higher exchange rates that are not favorable for you. Therefore, comparing currency conversion rates using reputed and known foreign exchange services is always suggested. It would help if you always tried to obtain better conversion rates. A more suitable and appropriate way is to download the Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI app, which allows you to make digital payments by transferring funds from your International debit or credit card. It offers competitive and transparent conversion rates.

4) Network compatibility: where your card and ATM go together

While traveling to India, ensure your International card is working and compatible with ATM networks in India. Most ATM card machines accept cars with Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, or Maestro logos. However, it is always suggested to check with your bank before so that you don’t have to face the card blockage situation. Another fish in the sea is Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI, where you can instantly add money from your own International debit or credit card or through a bank transfer.

5) Emergency cash and backup options: a safety net providing security

As a foreign tourist charting into an unknown place, you should have some good backup options. Your financial portfolio should include cash, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, etc., so you should have
alternative means of spending money. However, if you don’t want to put yourself in the hassle of carrying large amounts of cash or cards in your pockets, then download the Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI app, which allows you to go cashless and still enjoy all the comforts of your journey. Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI has no hidden charges and makes you enjoy unbounded discoveries across India.

In conclusion, withdrawing cash from ATMs in India using International cards has become mandatory and indispensable. However, it carries many risks and challenges, like transaction fees, limited ATM availability, hidden currency conversion charges, etc. Cheq (Transcorp) Digital UPI is an extraordinary platform that makes you happy and comfortable. It is just a question of installing
the app during your vacation time and use it with complete ease and comfort.