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What are the problems with carrying cash in India for foreign visitors?

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Imagine arriving in India brimming with excitement to explore its wonders. India boasts lively markets, magnificent palaces and tempting street food. People worldwide flock to India to indulge in its breathtaking beauty and immerse themselves in its rich culture. However, one challenge foreign tourists often encounter when visiting India is dealing with cash-related issues.

  1. Fluctuations in the Currency exchange rate 

To begin with, foreign visitors encounter difficulties because of the changes in currency exchange rates. When travelling to India, tourists must convert their currency into rupees since it is only widely accepted in the country. However, these exchange rates fluctuate greatly, which may only sometimes work in their favour. Consequently, if they are not careful when dealing with Indian currency notes, there is a possibility of experiencing losses.

  1. Safety concerns with carrying cash 

Carrying hefty amounts of cash can be quite concerning in India. Pickpocketing and theft are issues that travellers need to be cautious about when exploring places. Foreign tourists are often seen as targets by pickpockets who prey on visitors. Carrying an amount of cash can make them more vulnerable and increase the risk of theft. Additionally, some vendors may take advantage of tourists by charging them prices for their goods and services.

However, if you choose to use a digital wallet system, like CheqUPI, your vacation will transform into something enjoyable rather than constantly worrying about safeguarding your wallet.

  1. Limited availability of ATMs 

In remote areas, there is a scarcity of ATMs. Picture yourself in a village or a serene hill station where the closest ATM is miles away. Carrying cash becomes necessary but equally risky. Accessing money becomes quite challenging as a tourist when venturing into new and remote regions.

  1. Hassles of constantly managing cash 

For tourists, carrying cash can be highly troublesome and burdensome. They must keep an eye on their money and ensure they have enough to cover their expenses. You might sometimes find yourself vulnerable and defenceless while negotiating prices, diminishing the joy of exploring and experiencing a country like India.

  1. CheqUPI is the solution to all your cash problems

CheqUPI presents a payment platform that dramatically simplifies your travel in India, making it more convenient and hassle-free. Once you download the app, you can effortlessly pay for food, accommodation and transportation expenses.

CheqUPI provides a reliable way for foreign tourists to make transactions while exploring the country of India, giving you peace of mind. It is accepted 20 times more than International cards in India. The best part is that there are no masked fees. It offers competitive and transparent conversion rates with a simple scan or tap on the screen.

In conclusion, carrying cash in India can be overwhelming and worrisome for tourists. To avoid this hassle, consider using CheqUPI, a secure payment option. However, it’s still advisable to carry some cash, exchange money through authorised dealers and keep your valuables safe. Overall prioritise Cheq UPI, so you can focus on creating memories instead of worrying about managing your finances.